Holder Benefits

Introducing earning opportunities for $FEDAI holders.

Train-to-Earn Model Overview

The Train-to-Earn model is a revolutionary approach to incentivize participation in the training process of our AI systems. Participants, by contributing to the creation and improvement of local datasets, earn rewards in the form of $FEDAI tokens. The amount of tokens earned is not arbitrary; it is meticulously calculated based on:

  • Quality of local datasets: High-quality data leads to better AI models and is thus rewarded more generously.

  • Contribution level: The more a participant contributes to the training process, the higher the reward.

  • Adherence to data integrity: Built-in checks and AI techniques are employed to evaluate the integrity and usefulness of the data provided.

How It Works

  1. Contribution: Clients contribute to AI training by providing local datasets.

  2. Evaluation: The application uses advanced AI techniques to assess the quality and integrity of the submitted datasets.

  3. Rewarding System: Based on the evaluation, points are awarded to clients. Higher points mean more $FEDAI tokens as a reward.

  4. Quality Maintenance: The system filters out low-quality contributions, ensuring only high-quality data is used for AI training. This process encourages continuous improvement and maintenance of dataset quality.


  • Incentives for Quality: Participants are financially motivated to provide only high-quality data.

  • Continuous Improvement: The model fosters an environment where clients are continually motivated to improve the quality of their contributions.

  • Fair and Transparent: The use of AI techniques for evaluation ensures a fair distribution of rewards based on merit.

Future Updates

Stay tuned for updates on the $FEDAI token holding requirements and further enhancements to our Train-to-Earn model. Our mission is to not only revolutionize the way AI models are trained but also to reward those who play an integral part in this process.

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