A precise overview of the Federal AI supply distribution.

Federal AI operates with a carefully planned tokenomics structure designed to ensure its long-term viability and success. Below is an overview of the allocation and operational measures in effect:

Total and Circulation Supply

  • 100 million $FEDAI tokens

Launch Details

  • Stealth Launch: The project was stealth launched on the Ethereum mainnet, with no presale or private sale events.


  • Partnerships: 5% of the total supply is dedicated to forming and nurturing partnerships that can drive the project forward.

  • Ecosystem Supply: 15% is allocated towards the ecosystem supply, ensuring the project's growth and development.

  • Liquidity: The vast majority, 80%, is locked into liquidity to ensure a stable market for $FEDAI tokens. This liquidity is initially locked for a period of 6 months to build trust within the community.

Transaction Tax

  • A 5% transaction tax is applied to purchases, sales, and transfers. This tax serves multiple purposes:

    • Supporting ongoing development initiatives.

    • Covering team salaries.

    • Meeting essential infrastructure costs.

    This tax ensures the project's sustainability and facilitates continuous progress, making it a promising venture for its holders.

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